in this twilight

all the black is really white if you believe it


Easily the best one

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i swallow the sound and it swallows me whole
till there’s nothing left inside my soul

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Give your cat the  F L O A T I N G     J U D G E M E N T     B O X     to allow them to stare at your half finished work from afar

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My life

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iamamiwhoami; bounty booklet photos

‘Break the Rules’ by Charli XCX is my new jam.




everyone is embarrassed of their fourteen year old self trust me if you’re fourteen right now you will regret whatever it is that you are doing at this moment

What, being a SuperWhoLockian, Tumblrian, and just being generally pretty good? I don’t think so.

screenshot this and look at it in 3 years

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